Lemonade & Toy Fundraiser

Lemonade & Toy Fundraiser

The Engen children of our parish will be having a yard sale selling some of their toys and serving Lemonade, Tea, muffins and Coffee.  They will be sending all the money away to help children in Sudan, Africa: 47 Stewart Dr. Hay River Saturday, July 21 8 am – 12 noon.

Joshua and Elijah Engen’s Godfather Fr. Tony O’Riordan is a Jesuit priest working at a refugee camp in Sudan Africa.

The Engen children had the idea of selling their toys when the family read an article on Fr. Tony’s blog.  The children there had made a single toy out of garbage yet they were joyful!


You can also watch a video of where Fr. Tony is here:


The children wish to thank you for your assistance!