High Level Wildfires

High Level Wildfires

As the Chuckegg Creek and Steen River wildfires in the High Level Forest Area continue to burn out of control, as High Level residents begin a second week of being unable to return home after being evacuated on May 20, and as the communities of Paddle Prairie, Meander River, Bushe River, and Chateh and areas of the Mackenzie and Northern Lights counties have now also been evacuated, our parish stands in unity with all those affected by the wildfires. We offer these prayers:

We pray for the fires to be brought under control and to, hopefully soon, burn out;

We pray for the firefighters and support workers who battle to control and contain the fires and who monitor the forest area to ensure that any new blazes are caught early, we pray that they are kept safe and we thank God for their courage;

We pray for the people who had to leave their homes, that they will be able to return to homes still standing and that any damage is minimized;

We give thanks for the efforts of the people who are working to provide accommodation and sustenance to those who have been evacuated and who are dealing with the administration efforts involved in counting and caring for displaced persons;

We thank God for his healing, for Hope and for his Love, as we know that the scorched earth will restore itself one day and there will once again be trees filled with birds and other creatures of the forest.


For updates on the wildfires and evacuations, please check the following websites: https://wildfire.alberta.ca/wildfire-status/default.aspx


For updates on road closures, please check the following websites: http://www.dot.gov.nt.ca/Highways/Highway-Conditions