What do CWL fundraisers support?

What do CWL fundraisers support?


CWL always supports our parish; for example, they recently donated more than $3000 to help cover the cost of commercial dishwasher for our Sunday fellowship coffee. Their new project is to get our parish a new projector so the songs projected in front will be clearer and all parishioners will be able to see the words.

CWL makes monthly donations to: 5 schools for breakfast program and to the Soup kitchen.

CWL makes yearly donations at Christmas to different groups such as Social Services (sometimes they make hampers), the Soaring Eagle Friendship Centre, Woodland Manor, Hay River Senior’s Society, and more. CWL also donates annually to Development and Peace.

Internationally, CWL also sponsors a child and supports an organization called ‘Chalice,’ through which CWL contributes funds to help feed/ sponsor a community. This can include buying chickens, goat, seeds to plant, etc.

Those are just a few! Well done ladies!!

P.S. CWL is looking for more members! You could be involved in these worthwhile endeavours too!