Emerging Wisely Phase 2: resumption of all Masses

Emerging Wisely Phase 2: resumption of all Masses

Since the announcement of Phase 2 of NWT’s Emerging Wisely plan in response to COVID-19 on Friday, June 12, 2020, all Masses may resume inside the church.

This means daily Masses have resumed as of Monday, June 15, 2020, Tuesday Rosary has resumed as of today (June 16, 2020), Saturday evening Mass has resumed as of June 13, 2020 and Sunday Mass continues at 1030h inside the church.

However, there are still limitations on the number of people that may attend and other physical distancing precautions must be taken. Here are the updated details for Masses:

  • A maximum of 25 people can attend each service
  • To attend Mass people must have no symptoms of COVID-19, wear a mask (these will not be provided, you must have your own), observe physical distancing, and follow proper hygiene practices
  • Communion will be available to those individuals attending in person who wish to receive the sacrament
  • People must sign up in advance in order to attend (no walk-ins)
  • To sign up to attend Mass, please contact Sheila at 875-2678 with the number of people in your household who will attend (like before, it will be first come, first serve and any who are unable to attend in one week, will be signed up to attend the following)
  • Masses will continue to be streamed live on Facebook every Sunday for the time being at 10:30am. The live stream will be done at the same time as live Mass, not at a separate time.

Please contact Father Innocent for information on any other events, sacraments or if you have any questions. Thank you!

Even if you are unable to attend Mass, please consider making a contribution to the parish. We are grateful that Mass may be held inside the church again, we acknowledge that there are still restrictions in place that will affect attendance and collections, and unfortunately, there are still bills to pay. Thank you for your support! The information on how to donate can be found here.